West Exe School encourages good behaviour through a mixture of high expectations, clear policy and an ethos which ensures students are ready to learn. The commitment and partnership of staff, students and parents is vital to develop a positive whole school ethos. Our behaviour policy is entitled ‘Rewards, Reflection and Reset’ and aims to eliminate disruptive behaviour, so that there is a culture of achievement, ambition and learning everywhere in the school with no learning time wasted. It is paramount all staff, students and parents are completely clear on what our expectations are and the consequences of not meeting them. We wish to encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions and enable teachers to deliver engaging and creative lessons, experiment and take risks, without concern for any interruptions as barriers.


Our aim is to keep all students accessing their learning within the lesson for the full duration of the lesson. We are committed to not allowing the negative behaviour of a very small minority to continually disrupt the outstanding learning of the majority.  For this reason, we use a system where students who fail to respond to a verbal warning by correcting their behaviour can be sent to the Reset room in order to allow the learning of the rest of the group to continue.  We also employ the on-call system so that a student can be collected (if deemed a serious incident) and removed from the classroom to the Reset room.

Anti-Bullying Strategy 2021-2022

How to Challenge Bullying

What to do if you are told that your child has been unkind

What to do if your child is being bullied

Anti Bullying Statement

Anti Bullying Update Year 7

Anti Bullying Update Year 8

Anti Bullying Year 9

Anti Bullying Year 10

Anti Bullying Year 11

Our staff anti-bullying ambassadors are members of staff who are trained to listen, reassure and respond to any disclosures of bullying. Our staff ambassadors will ensure that all incidences of bullying are responded to so that our students can learn in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

Our Staff Ambassadors