Each student will be given a ‘Knowledge Book’ which will contain knowledge organisers for every subject they study. They will also be given a homework exercise book where they will record all homework for every subject. Students will be asked by their subject teacher to focus on a specific section of the knowledge organiser; your child will then read that section, cover it up and attempt to write out the information from memory. They will then check they have done this correctly and self-correct any mistakes using a green pen. This process may be repeated a couple more times for that homework and we will refer to this method as ‘cover-write-check’. There will be three to four subjects a night to complete with each one taking approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Each morning, their tutor will check that the homework has been completed and reward all students who have done so with a praise point. Any student who does not complete their homework, without good reason, will be issued an hour detention to be served after school later that day.

We will be providing and staffing both before and after school study areas for students to be able to complete their homework in school should they wish. These areas will allow students to work alongside their peers from their year group, as well as there being spaces where individual self-study can take place.

Additionally, there will be a set homework timetable for each year group so that parents and students will know which knowledge organiser they need to use on which night.  At the beginning of the following week, all students will have a short in-class homework test to check that the knowledge they have learned is not forgotten. All the content within the knowledge organisers has been designed to ensure that West Exe students will be exposed to some of the greatest ideas, art and information that has ever been written, spoken, performed or presented. This accumulation of knowledge will form part of their final assessments at the end of each of our teaching and learning cycles.


Using your Knowledge Organiser