At West Exe School we have a range of reporting tools that can be used by all aspects of the school community. These range from internal reporting systems to tutors, teachers and support staff, by students, to the Whisper button which can be used to anonymously report safeguarding concerns by anyone related to the school. We pride ourselves on the safeguarding provision at West Exe School, consistently striving to meet the needs of all students.

General concerns – If you need to report a general concern relating to something associated with West Exe School, please start by reading the school’s complaints policy. If you cannot find the answers that you are looking for, please complete the form which is included below.

A Concern relating to online content – If you have a concern relating to online content (pornography, inappropriate images, radicalised content etc) please report your concerns to the Internet Watch Foundation or CEOP.

Safeguarding concerns – If you have a safeguarding concern relating to West Exe School, please use the SWGFL reporting button at the bottom of this page. This will go straight to the safeguarding team at West Exe School, headed by Simon Weir.

Safeguarding concerns relating to the headteacher – If you have any safeguarding concerns relating to the head teacher, please report these directly to the chair of governors.

Urgent Safeguarding concerns – If you have a major and urgent safeguarding concern which requires action within the next few hours and the school is closed please firstly consider making a MASH referral. However, if the matter requires resolution and attention immediately, please contact the emergency services.

During school holidays or out of hours if you need to raise a safeguarding concern please direct your email to MASH details as follow:


The Devon Safeguarding Board website has further information for parents, children and those working with them, and can be found at

SWGFL Whisper Reporting Tool

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Reporting Tool

The Internet Watch Foundation Reporting Tool

The CEOP Reporting Tool