At West Exe School, we believe that Student Mentoring and Leadership opportunities help to build a stronger school community and empower our students. Our School-based mentoring and leadership programmes contribute towards the sense of pride that our students feel about their school and the students and staff they work alongside. It enables the students to develop their leadership skills preparing them for life beyond school.

Leadership and Mentoring opportunities on offer are:

  • Primary Mentors
  • Student Librarians
  • Reading Mentors
  • Sport Leaders

Primary Mentors work with Year 6 students from our feeder primary schools to support the students with the transition. They support Miss Lewis with the visits to the primary schools to answer any questions that the Year 6 students may have about West Exe. This gives the students an insight in to life at West Exe from a student perspective. Primary mentors are attached to Year 7 tutor groups and attend the Year 6 Parents Evening for parents/carers and the Welcome Day for the Year 6 students. Their role is pivotal in the transition process.

Student Librarians work as part of the team on a day to day basis to assist with the running the library at set times throughout the school day. Duties include – issuing and returning books, helping people using the library, shelving books, tidying the library, promoting the library and books. They also have the opportunity to work towards becoming a Senior Student Librarian.

Reading Mentors work with the English department to support students at Key Stage 3 to make progress with their reading. They work on a one to one basis listening to students read aloud and structure sentences. They support students to develop their understanding of the books that they read and help students to become more confident readers.

Sports Leaders work alongside the PE department to assist with the organising and running of sports events for our local feeder schools and lunch time activities for Key stage 3 students at West Exe. They help students to have increased self-confidence and encourage students to take a full and active role in sport and physical activity.

Other student mentoring and leadership opportunities involve taking part in student panels for teaching interviews.

We encourage our students to take an active role in our school community in all its forms. Students who would like to join one of the student mentoring and leadership opportunities are required to apply for the position. Students will need to demonstrate mentoring and leadership qualities, such as being an exceptional role model and an ambassador for the high expectations that West Exe sets. This includes being reliable, proactive, collaborative, confident and organised. Student Mentors and Leaders will also demonstrate a capacity for development and will have opportunities to further their mentoring and leadership skills.

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