Uniform at West Exe School

We are pleased to have moved all our  uniform and PE items (only new kit is compulsory for year 7)  to an online supplier called www.price-buckland.co.uk   Parents can purchase other items such as shirts and trousers for both boys and girls from any retailer.   

Update:  We are not currently aware of any issues regarding the main school uniform. However, due to Covid19 the supply chain for fabric has been disrupted and stock  is taking longer to be process at the boarder. The UK  factories have been closed until recently and our supplier is running a little behind on making our new PE kit.  The current delivery date is 11th September.  Although this is disappointing,  in the current climate this is something we shouldn’t worry ourselves about.  When we do return to school and welcome our new year 7’s through our doors, we will not expect Year 7 to be in full PE kit until all stock has arrived.   If PE lessons start in September, we recommend students wear something appropriate, such as a T-shirt and shorts/ leggings. Please do not purchase any items for the interim time, other years can continue to wear their old kit.  We will keep you updated about the stock levels.  Currently we have no issue with our school uniform but advise buying a single tie and one skirt etc, to start with to help keep our stock levels available to all, until further supplies arrive.  If you have any concerns about paying for uniform, please contact your new HOY to apply for a bursary.”

Please email chloe.fox@westexe.devon.sch.uk if you have any questions, which are not resolved from reading the PDF at the bottom.

West Exe School have high expectations of students for their appearance, this starts with the uniform that they wear around the school, in Physical Education and extends to their use of makeup and jewellery. Full details of the school’s policies and expectations relating to jewellery, uniform and general appearance can be obtained from the documents included below.

Our school uniform combines smartness with functionality and durability. Parents/guardians are strongly advised to pay particular attention to the uniform details on the uniform expectations PDF at the bottom of this page, as only the items exactly as specified will be acceptable.

Students are expected to wear their full uniform with pride, this includes on their way to school and home. Those wearing incomplete uniform or non-approved items will receive a Red Card, and students wearing any accessories or jewellery, which do not follow the school uniform policy can expect to have these items confiscated. The full uniform policy is set out in the policies section of the website.

The 2020-21 uniform guidelines are as below:

  • An appropriate white shirt.
  • Appropriately fitting grey trousers (tailored grey shorts allowed in the summer).
  • The blue tartan skirt (which must now be on the knee for year 7 students from 2020).
  • Dark navy logo jumper or cardigans. 
  • School tie in house colours (this will be the same as any siblings already in the school and assigned to you in July).
  • Jackets for years 10 and 11 only.
  • Tights for girls in winter and dark socks for boys.

PE kit:  (note we will no longer use house colours in the PE kit or Thomas Moor)

Although we are moving to an online supplier called www.price-buckland.co.uk  for the PE kit, skirts, jumper and new tie. Parents can purchase other items such as shirts and trousers for both boys and girls from any retailer. Orders over £60 will be posted to a home address or school for free (although we discourage using the school address for delivery currently). Please use the sizes charts carefully as returns are now £5.50. (We did request this was reduced but Price & Buckland would struggle to provide their services and staff afloat, if they did not charge this already subsidised cost).

If you have the old version of the logo on your jumper, We are not expecting parents to replace the jumper or cardigan until they are ready to do so.

There will not be a fitting day this year, however, the school has a full set of sample sizes and soon there will be limited time slots where you will be able to book in and try on items if you wish to. As we receive information about how we reopen the school we will be able to provide more information about this and the second hand shop.

Summer/Winter Rules:

We will be introducing summer and winter rules for the uniform. We will be expecting students to wear their jumper/cardigan at all times around school but they can ask in lesson if they can remove their jumper.  Girls will also be expected to wear tights in the winter.  Summer rules will run for the summer term and any warm days outside these dates will be declared as ‘hot weather rules’ and students can remove their jumpers without needing to ask. 

Subsidies are available if your require support in purchasing new uniform. Please contact your Head of Year.

For new Year 7, please contact Miss Nicky Lewis at Nicky.Lewis@westexe.devon.sch.uk

Please see below for information from our supplier on how to order:

Price and Buckland Uniform Online

Parent Uniform Information Sheet

West Exe School Uniform Expectations